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In this review we compare the DeWalt’s new single battery 60V 12″ double bevel, sliding miter saw, model DCS781 to their original dual battery Flexvolt 12″ slider model DHS790.

DeWalt’s Press Release Header

“Cut, Capture, and Charge: DEWALT Announces 60V Max Brushless 12 in. Double Bevel Miter Saw with Exceptional Runtime and 20% More Power.”

Let’s start with POWER!

The dual battery 790 powers through bevels, and single-pass cuts 2x material, much faster than the single battery 781. On two-pass vertical cuts the saws are almost equally fast.

20% More Power is based on running the DCS781 on a 9amp battery against Milwaukee’s 18V 2739 12″ miter saw on a 12amp battery.


Exceptional Runtime is based on the 781 getting 675 cuts in 3-1/4″ baseboard on a 9 amp hr battery vs. the 790 getting 289 cuts in base on two 6 amp hr batteries.

Kind of apples and orange since the 9 amps use 21700 cells while the 6 amp Flexvolts use 18650 cells.

Cut, Capture, and Charge uses the blade braking to recharge the battery, and I did cut trim all day on a single, not fully charged, 6 amp hr battery.

My guess is, light cutting keeps the 781’s battery cool enough to take the small recharge and keep it going longer than the 790.

That said, starting with 3 fully charged 9 amp hr batteries, the 790’s batteries had more runtime left and were cooler than the 781’s single battery after the same amount of cuts through 2x doug fir. (see below)

The DCS781 comes with the standard shadow cut line and removable side handles. I find carrying it without handles and my arms closer in puts less strain on my back.


The 781 lost the back fence of the 790 so you can no longer stack and cut a 45 through a 2×12, nor a 90 through a 2×16. The max vertical 90 on the 781 is a 2×12, or a 2X14 by pulling the wood up into the blade.

Dust Collection

The 781 and 790 collect the same amount of dust. The 781 however, has a thicker dust shroud that doesn’t collapse inward from vac suction like the thin shroud on the 790.

Also, the 781 dust outlet is located behind the blade instead of at the rear like the 790 so it leaves more room when the vac hose is connected.

It doesn‘t have it.

Unlike the UK’s 60V single-battery DCS781, the US model does not have Tool Control, which allows tool control vacuums to be triggered on and off with the saw.

Linemaster T-91-SC3A Treadlite II Foot Switch,15 Amp, Single Pedal, Momentary, 8 ft. Cord with 3 prong plug

But the 790 doesn’t have it either, and I don’t own a Tool Control shop vac anyway, so I use this momentary fool pedal to control my vac.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX* Dust Extractor (DCV585B)

You can also get DeWalt’s 60V Tool Control shop vac that comes with a remote.

AC Adapter

The DCS781 isn’t a corded/cordless saw like the DHS790. Will they release a 120V AC adapter for the 781? I doubt it. Word on the street is the adapter has been causing motor issues on the 790.


  • Model:DCS781
  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Bevel: 49-49
  • Max Cut Against Fence: 6-1/2″
  • Max Cut Length Flat: 12-1/8″ no rear fence
  • Power Source: Corldess
  • Battery Type: 1x 60V
  • No Load Speed: 3800
  • Drive: Gear
  • Model DHS790
  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • Bevel: 49-49
  • Max Cut Against Fence 6-3/4″
  • Max Cut Length Flat 16-3/16″ against rear fence
  • Power Source: Corded/Cordless
  • Battery Type 2x 60V Flexvolt
  • No load Speed 3800
  • Drive: Belt

Bottom Line

Unlike the 790 the 781 has no AC adapter or rear fence, which are two things I never use anyway. The 781 also has less power and runtime when cutting 2x material. That said, I prefer the 781 for its lighter weight, slightly smaller size and single battery operation.

DeWalt 60V 12″ Sliding Miter Saw DCSD781

Sometimes less is more.

See it in action here:


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