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A DeWalt Flexvolt 60V single battery 10″ miter saw has been available in the UK since 2020. Now, after working out the bugs on the Brits, it’s landed in America in as a proper 12″ brushless, double bevel, sliding, single battery 60V miter saw, model DCS781. It arrived with a few new tricks too, minus one discussed below.

DeWalt’s Press Release Header

“Cut, Capture, and Charge: DEWALT Announces 60V Max Brushless 12 in. Double Bevel Miter Saw with Exceptional Runtime and 20% More Power.”

What It Is

Cut, Capture, and Charge is a “Regenerative Braking Technology” that “extends runtime by redirecting lost energy back into the battery.” Sounds like fluff. I mean, how much regen can you get from 2 seconds worth of electric brake action? And what are you going to compare it to to find out? 🧐

Exceptional Runtime is based on the DCS781 getting “up to 675 cuts in 3 1/4 in. MDF Base Molding” on one 9amp Flexvolt vs. the 120V Flexvolt DHS790 getting 289 cuts in 3-1/4 in. unspecified base molding on two 6amp Flexvolts. The only thing holding me back from being impressed is they don’t specify the type of base used for the 120V spec. 🤦‍♂️

20% More Power is based not on the 120V DHS790 but on running this new DCS781 on a 9amp Flexvolt battery against the Milwaukee 18V 2739 miter saw on a 12amp battery. This is pretty much what we saw running the Flexvolt 7 1/4″ circular saw DCS578 on a 9amp vs. the Milwuakee M18 FUEL 2732 on a 12amp.

The DCS781 comes equiped with the standard Flexvolt shadow cut line and they’ve thrown side handles on this unit as well. Nice. Or as my wife would say, Noice!

What It Isn’t

It isn’t like the UK 60V single battery in that the DCS781 does not have “Wireless Tool Control” that allows direct connection to the vac. So that sucks. Guess we’ll have to keep using momentary pedals.

Second, the 781 uses a “Bevel-Gear” Transmission. I haven’t had any issues with my 790’s belt drive but they say the Bevel-Gear tranny limits power loss due to potential belt slippage. Which tranny is easier to service, I don’t know.

What I do know is pretty much every part of every DeWalt tool is easily obtained from DeWalt’s ServiceNet site with excellent exploded art that has clickable part numbers. I don’t know if DeWalt owns the site but they link to it through their site.

The DCS781 is not a corded/cordless miter saw as is the DHS790. Will they release a 120V AC adapter for the 781? I doubt it.

You can still pick up the DHS790T2 from ACME Tool, otherwise they are hard to find. It appears DeWalt may be retiring the 790 for the 781. So is this may be the end of the corded/cordless miter saw from DeWalt.

Quick Specs

  • Model: DHS781
  • Weight: 50.9 lbs
  • Bevel Capacity: 49-49
  • Max Cut Depth: 6.5″
  • Cut Capacity: 12.18″
  • Power Source: Cordless
  • Battery Type: 60V Flexvolt
  • No Load Speed: 3800

Bottom Line

It seems the new 60V DCS781 is less powerful than the 120V DHS790 and with no 120V AC adapter. That said, I never use the AC adapter on my 790 and would trade any over-the-top power it has for a more compact, lighter unit. Did I mention the 781 is 4-5 lbs lighter than the 790?

They’re releasing the bare tool model DCS781B. B for bare tool, which in this case looks to include the DWV9000 universal vac connector with its twist lock swivel action.

It will also be available in kit form as the DCS781X1, which comes with one 9 amp hr Flexvolt and the 6 amp charger, which has no fan so it’s nice and quiet.

So we’ll see what’s what in our upcoming review of this beast, which we’ll post below. Until then I’ll see YOU in the comments. 👊

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