DEWALT DCS565 6.5″ 20V Circular Saw Review

DeWalt DCS565 brushless vs. DCS391 brushed.


DeWalt finally released a brushless, RAFTER HOOKED, 6.5” circular saw 6-8 years after Makita and Milwaukee released theirs. Cool! But is the new DCS565 brushless worth the upgrade over the brushed DCS391?


The new brushless DCS565 has a no load RPM of 4950 vs. the brushed DCS391 at 5150 RPM. In my testing the brushed unit was noticeable faster on rips and more easily powered through 45° cross cuts.


Starting with fully charged 5 amp hr batteries I made 8 cross cuts with both the brushless 565 and brushed 391 units. I then proceeded, on the same battery charge, to rip 2x doug fir alternating saws between rips to let them cool.

I ran the test twice switching batteries between tests to let both saws run the same battery. In both tests the brushless had about 50% better runtime. Nice!

New Features

The brushless (above right) is more compact, has a led light, a rafter hook, and a dust port. Otherwise, these saws are nearly identical.

I’ve been waiting for a rafter hook but it was the dust port that got me to upgrade. It collects the majority of the dust and will be a great feature to have when cutting indoors.

Bottom Line

The current version of the brushed DCS391 has a bit more power than the new brushless DCS565. For me, the new hook and dust port were too good to pass up. That said I highly recommend either saw and will be keeping my 391 for a back-up.

To learn more about the DEWALT vacuum adapters I use check out this article.

To see these saws in action check out my video review.

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