DeWalt Cordless Framing Nailer Review Model DCN692


It was the DeWalt cordless framing nailer, model DCN692, that got me into their battery platform. I wanted a complete cordless kit and neither Makita nor Milwaukee offered a cordless, gas-less, framing nailer.


The DCN692 has two firing modes: single and bump fire. I find that in bump fire mode, using a 5 amp hr XR battery, the nailer tops out at a 3” long x .131″ diameter nail, galvanized or ring shank. This size gets you through most residential building code.


With a 5 amp hour battery and no nails the DeWalt weighs 9.4 lbs. That’s about two pounds heavier than my Ridgid pneumatic nailer.


Man using framing nailer to attach wood siding to house

This DeWalt DCN692 jams more than your pneumatic. A lot more. It also has less power and more punch, which means it more easily kicks studs out of line when toe nailing. I’ve also heard it doesn’t handle cold weather as well as the Paslode.

Some complain this nailer doesn’t work. To them I say, it works well enough for me to not break out the pneumatic and compressor. Just keep a hammer on your belt to take care of any unfinished business.

Paper or Plastic

The DCN692 shoots 30 degree, paper collated, nails up to a size 3.5” x.131″. To shoot larger nails like 16d sinkers (3-1/2” x.148”) you generally need a pneumatic nailer. This is because pneumatics shoot plastic collated nails, which come in larger sizes that paper collated nails.

However, DeWalt’s new 21° cordless nailer model DCN21PL can shoot a 16d, whereas Hitachi’s 21° cordless nailer only shoots up to a .131”. The Ridgid pneumatic pictured above shoots a 3.5” x .162” aka a 16d common.

FYI: 21 degree framing nailers shoot plastic collated nails. 30 degree nailers shoot paper, which is more expensive. A downside to plastic is shrapnel, which can, and will, hit you in the face. A downside to paper is the full round heads are offset and bend easily if you need to finish driving them by hand.

Bottom Line

The DeWalt cordless framing nailer is not going to match the speed or power of your pneumatic. However, the portability of the DCN692 makes it a great addition to your pro kit. No gas cartridge, air compressor, hose, or electricity needed.

To learn more, and see it in action, check out this video review:


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