DeWalt 60V MAX Cordless 9” Cut-off Saw

Compact and lightweight, the DCS690 cuts through concrete, stone, and heavy metal with ease.


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I’ve only used this DeWalt 60V Max 9” cut-off saw for a couple of small jobs but so far it’s been a great tool. It’s not cheap at $550 for the bare tool (it does include about $50 worth of blades) but one small DIY stone porch job and it pays for itself.

You could even get the $850 combo kit that comes with a couple of 9 amp hour batteries for what contractors charge to haul, cut, and stick a few stones to a concrete porch.

Hell you could buy two combo kits, three weeks worth of groceries for the family, four tanks of gas for the truck, and a case of Guinness from Costco.


With the diamond wheel and a 9amp hr battery on board this saw weighs 15.1 lbs. It has a 7/8 arbor, a good 5 position blade guard, and a no load speed of 6600RPM.

On one 9amp hr battery charge DeWalt specs this saw out to split 22 cinder blocks, 95 pieces of #5 rebar in four-bar bundles, or cut a one inch joint into 25ft of concrete.

With a 9” blade the saw has a cutting depth of 3 1/4in. I haven’t cut much concrete with it yet myself, but from what I’ve seen online, at full depth, people are getting about 6 feet per charge out of a 9amp hr battery.

I ran a test on some 2” thick sandstone and was able to get five 24” rips out of a 9amp hr battery.

Cool Features

The quick connect water valve is pretty good. You can feed a little water or go full blast. The water line is hard-cased all the way to near the blade where it splits off and feeds water to the blade from both sides. DeWalt says this makes it OSHA jobsite Table 1 compliant for dust management. So that’s good.

The grip is fantastic, as per usual for DeWalt tools. I have large to XL hands and can use the tool comfortably with or without gloves.

I also appreciate the simple lock-out switch. Once you push it in you can trigger the tool without having to make any funky hand maneuvers to get the thing to run.

Now, if DeWalt can give us back our lock-on switches for our grinders and recip saws, I’ll die a happy man. Probably from a grinder accident, but at least I’ll die free! ?

Balance and Vibration

The saw is well balanced with good top and side control. It does have a fair amount of felt vibration to it. But that subsides somewhat once the saw hits the work. More so for stone than for metal. Either way, it’s not enough vibration to keep you from hitting your mark or running a straight score line.

Bottom Line

For remodeling contractors this tool is a no brainer. Brushless, cordless, lightweight, runs wet or dry. Cuts concrete, metal, stone. A heck of a tool to have in the truck. For a concrete contractor who already has Flexvolt batteries this will be a great addition to your gas powered kit. For DIYers, one small project and this tool pays for itself.

Update: This tool has been updated with a larger battery cap to accept 15 amp batteries and Wireless Tool Control. See below:

DeWalt DCS692B 60V MAX 9 in. Cordless Cut Off Saw

See this tool in action.


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