Franklin ProSensor 710 Stud Finder


The ProSensor 710 stud finder from Franklin Sensors is the best I’ve ever used. It senses metal and wood studs using 13 sensors and requires no calibration. It’s the fastest way to find studs without all the sliding back and forth and annoying beeping. A great way to find studs for remodels, running baseboard, etc. Check it out!

The 710 and 710+ are the same unit only the 710+ has a bubble level added onto the battery cover, which makes it more bulky. The yellow 710 is the same unit as the blue 710.

The first 710 I bought on Amazon was 70 something dollars. A few days later I bought a second one and the price was $50 something. So if you see it below for full price check back in a couple days and it’ll probably be “on sale” again.

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