Husky 4-Tier Industrial Steel Shelving Review


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I picked up the Husky 4-Tier Industrial Steel Shelving unit from Home Depot. It holds 10K lbs and goes together with no tools.


No tools are required, but a rubber mallet and hearing protection help. Just slide the shelf rails into the riser slots, snap in the cross supports for the wire shelf racks, drop on the wire racks and you’re done.

Make Mine To Go

I put this unit on 4” swivel casters, which reduces its load capacity to 1000 lbs. The unit itself weighs 150 lbs so that leaves me with 850.

In the pic above the weight of everything you see on the shelves is about 350 lbs. If I need more capacity I figure I can slide some wood blocks underneath to take the wight of the casters.

The wire rack shelves are kinda lame for two reasons: First, things easily fall through like the legs on my tools. Second, as you can see in the pic below, the racks have two cross bars that separate the shelf into 3 sections.

I plan to replace the wire racks with 1/2 plywood. Easily done as the shelf rails have a 1/2″ inside drop-lip to accept the plywood.


I purchased this Husky 4-Tier Shelving for $299 on sale, which is probably the price you’ll find it for more often that the full retail price of $379. Well, it shows $379 over the sale price but Home Depot has it on other pages for $349, no sale. So their playing games with the sale pricing. Anyway, $300 plus $100 for wheels and $50 for plywood shelves brings my cost up to $450 + tax.

Or, you can build the whole thing out of wood for $250 + tax. We’re talking 18-2x4s, 2-4×8 sheets of 1/2″ plywood for the shelves, fasteners and $100 for 4″ casters.

You can get actually get cheaper casters with more capacity online from Home Depot like these Husky 4″ casters or these Snap-Loc 4″ casters –

Bottom Line

The Husky took 20 minutes to put together, is forever adjustable and looks a little sleeker than wooden shelves. It also has duel slotted uprights that allow you to daisy chain additional shelving units for a seamless look.

I bought this shelf to hold my larger tools so I like the height of Husky’s 4-tier unit at 6′ 6″ compared to DeWalt’s 4-Tier unit at only 6′. If you get one i hope you enjoy it. See ya! 👊

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