Werner Equalizer Extension Ladder


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I picked up three of these Werner Equalizer aluminum extension ladders about 6 years ago. I got the 16′, 20′ and a 28′. All type 1 which have a 250lb capacity, the minimum to use a scaffold (pictured above).

These ladders are OSHA compliant. And in six years of stacking on my truck rack only one has lost a pin leash, with another about to go as you can see in the video below.

These ladder levelers are a little finicky to use but they get the job done and the bottom rung level is a nice touch.

I bought mine at Home Depot but lately they only have the fiberglass Equalizers in stock. If the aluminum ladders are out of stock at Home Depot check this Lowes link. If you get one of these puppies I recommend picking up a pair of spare pins as well.

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