Makita 11 amp Reciprocating Saw Review

When it comes to corded tools I’ve always been a Makita guy. A lot of us stick with what works and this Makita reciprocating saw has done a lot of work for me.

To lock-on or not to lock-on?

Makita offers two versions of this saw: mode JR3050T with a lock-on switch, which I have, and model JR3050Tz with no lock-on. Neither have a lock-off safety. #samurai

The case for more space.

The case seen above, model#824734-9, which came with my lock-ON version, is perfect for carrying long blades. The no lock-on version comes with a short case with no space for long blades. So one has space for long blades and the other leaves more space in your vehicle for other gear.

Hot blade anyone?

No thanks. I’ll take Makita’s tool-less blade change system. It stays locked open until you drop in a blade, right side up or upside down, at which point it locks itself in. After a cut the spring loaded mechanism spits out the hot blade with a twist of the rubber overlaid chuck. There’s an adjustable shoe too. Nice!

Good Vibrations?

As for comfort and vibration I’d put this saw on par with the Makita’s new cordless 18 volt unit. They both have more vibration than the 60 volt cordless Dewalt, 36 volt cordless Makita, and 18 volt brushless Milwaukee. That said, until I tried these units the 11 amp corded Makita’s vibration never bothered me.

This old dog still hunts

This model has been around for a few years so it’s missing some of the bells and whistles found on newer cordless units: no rafter hook, led light, or bluetooth. But at 7.3 lbs it’s light weight and well balanced. It has a great two finger variable speed trigger and comfortable grip. And as long as the power’s on it never runs out of juice.

See it in action here:

Build Quality
Feature Set
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