RIDGID 9 Gal. 18V Shop Vac Review


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The RIDGID 9 gallon 18-volt wet/dry vacuum has decent enough power for dust collection but does it have the runtime to fit your situation? This video review may help answer that question.

I’m getting about 30 minutes of runtime out of a 9 amp hr battery. Since this vac can hold two batteries that means an hour of runtime. That sounds like a lot but even with three 9 amps in rotation on a fast charger it wasn’t enough runtime to keep me trimming all day unless I shut the vac off after every cut at the miter or table saw. Since I generally leave the vac running at the cut station as I chop, measure, rip, measurer, etc., this vacuum did not have enough runtime for me.

Update: It looks like they may be discontinuing the 9 gal 18V bc we can’t find any for sale. Nest we’ll review the one seen below. I want to see if it will take my DeWalt batteries through an adapter. If not maybe we can make it fit. ?

RIDGID 3 Gal. 18-Volt Cordless Handheld NXT WetDry Vacuum with Battery Charger Fine Dust Filter Hose and Accessories


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