The Makita StarlockMax Multi-Tool XMT04ZB Lacks Power


Makita’s new StarlockMax Multi-Tool model XMT04ZB, known outside of the USA as the DTM52, lacks power, which causes it to stall when plunge cutting. Back off your normal amount of applied pressure and it plunges without stalling and faster than most. But throw on a wide blade and it’s back to stalling with little pressure applied. Check out this review to see what I mean.


Oscillation Angle – 3.6° up from 3.2°

Speed – 10-20K Oscillations per minute (OPM)

Accessories Accepted – Starlock only, any adapter would need to come with a longer bolt.

Blade Change – Tool-less, but the lever has a couple of nasty pinch points. OUCH!

Weight – 4.4 lbs with a 5 amp hr battery.

Relative Value
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It's got decent ergonomics, very low vibration, good speed, and not enough power. Yesterday I would be cool with it but today there is a tool out there called the Milwaukee M18 FUEL, and with battery adapters there is no need to settle.the-makita-starlockmax-multi-tool-xmt04zb-lacks-power


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