DeWalt Compact Table Saw Corded vs. Cordless


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The DeWalt compact corded table saw model DWE7485 has the same table and frame dimensions as the Flexvolt 60V Cordless table saw model DCS7485. Check out this video to see them in action.

So which one should you get?

If you plan to use this saw in more than one location I’d go cordless. If this is a shop saw corded is the cheaper way to go. But I’ll be honest I prefer the cordless around the house too. I mean who likes cords?


I’m getting 12-14 rips out of 2x Doug fir on one 9 amp battery. That’s making 8′ rips with a few seconds between cuts. I’ve noticed when making long 16′ rips the batteries heat up and burn down much faster.

For me, working alone, between the table saw, miter saw, nailers, impacts, etc., a couple 9 and 6amp Flexvolts and a few 5amp 20V batteries along with fast charger is enough power. If I’m running the Flexvolt concrete saw or ripping 16 foot fascia boards I bring more batteries.


The power seems pretty equal between these two compact table saws. I’ve used the Flexvolt to cut everything from soft pine to hard maple and birch with no problem. Again, if you need to rip oak floor boards all day I’d go with a 10″ corded saw with a more powerful motor to get through that work faster.

So my second Flexvolt table saw just got ripped off out of my truck in a smash and grab.? It wasn’t in stock bare-tool from Home Depot or Amazon so I picked one up from ACME TOOL.


Below behold the DW7451 scissor stand. This stand was made for the 10″ saw. There isn’t one specifically made for the 8-1/4” saws. I just checked my Flexvolt and the rear bolt holes do not line up. I never noticed this before because I’ve never bolted it. Bolting and unbolting it every time I load out isn’t something I’m interested in.

Below is the 7440RS rolling stand, which again isn’t made for the 8-1/4” saws. The stand’s locator clip doesn’t line up with the Flexvolt’s quick connect brackets in a way that allows for battery access.

I saw a guy on Youtube drill and bolt the brackets directly to the saw feet, which let him use the clip and still access the battery. I saw another guy just set his above the clip. The clip keeps the saw from sliding down when you roll it around.

If you get one of these saws I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.

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Hey, I'm Alex and I love tools. Having worked in carpentry and as a painting contractor I have a great appreciation for tool innovation. The freedom of cordless is amazing. These days, when not traveling with my wife Zhou, I remodel houses and write tool reviews. Enjoy the website. :)
dewalt-8-1-4-compact-table-saw-corded-vs-cordlessThese saws are nearly identical in terms of performance, which is great. They share the same high quality build and adjustability. Everything on these saws can be dialed in for precision work. I see high value for money with both units. Hopefully DeWalt, or someone, will release a high quality ac adapter for the cordless and it's value will go even higher.