DeWalt Compact Table Saw Corded vs. Cordless


DeWalt recently released a new compact corded table saw model DWE7485. It has the same table and frame dimensions as their Flexvolt 60V Cordless model DCS7485. Check out this video to see them in action.

So which one should you get?

If you plan to use this saw in more than one location, I’d go cordless. If this is a shop saw corded might be the way to go.


I’m getting 12-14 rips out of 2x Doug fir on one 9 amp battery. For the remodeling work that I do that’s great. If you need to rip boards all day the cordless probably isn’t for you. I carry two 9 and two 6 amp Flexvolts, two 5 and two 2 amp 20 volt XRs, and a fast charger. As long as I’m the only one using my tools that’s more than enough power to get through the day. I have more batteries but I leave them at home.

Check Your Table

The table on these saws are not perfectly flat, which isn’t unusual for a table saw. If you lay a level across the top you will see some daylight. Up to a 1/32” of fall-off toward the edges in various places. I checked three saws and all three had some fall-off. It varies between saws so check yours when you get it to see if it’s acceptable.

Both saws performed equally well on fir. I’ve used mine extensively on Doug fir and PT wood but haven’t used it for hardwood yet. If you have experience using either one of these saws for fine woodworking let us all know what you think in comment section below.

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Below behold the DW7451 scissor stand. This is the stand for the 8-1/4” saws but it’s actually made for the 10in. I just checked my Flexvolt and the rear bolt holes do not line up. Word on the street is DeWalt will send you instructions on how to rig the stand to use the bolts.

I never noticed they don’t line up before because I’ve never bolted it. That would be a pain to have to bolt and unbolt it every time I load out. Myself, I wouldn’t be interested in using it that way.

Next we have the 7440RS rolling stand, which isn’t made for the 8-1/4” saws either. The stand’s locator clip doesn’t line up right with the quick connect brackets to allow for battery access. The clip keeps the saw from sliding down toward the wheels.

I saw one guy on Youtube drill and bolt the brackets directly to the saw feet, which lets him use the clip and still access the battery. I saw another guy, that Wrangle Star dude, set his above the clip.

If you get one of these saws I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.

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