DeWalt Flexvolt String Trimmer Review


As soon as it was released I picked up the DeWalt Flexvolt cordless trimmer to replace my gas powered, attachment capable, Toro. Now into its third Spring season the DeWalt is holding up very well.


This trimmer has power to spare with a variable speed tigger that’s easy to cruise at different speeds. The trimmer takes 0.08 to 0.095 line. I use the .095 because it cuts better and last longer. And I haven’t noticed the .095 line causing the DeWalt trimmer to bog down in thick weeds any more than on my gas powered 2 stroke Toro.

Split Shaft

This is embarrassing seeing how this is a tool review website, but I just assumed the split shaft meant this trimmer was attachment capable. Nope. DeWalt recommends not hauling it around in half, which is how I do haul it around, to avoid damage.

And, as you can see in the nest slide, the inner wire casing is starting to fray from the sharp inner edges of the shaft.


The trimmer is well balanced with the brushless motor at the front and the battery at the rear. I really like the battery guard which lets you to stand the trimmer with damaging the battery. And there is a hook underneath to hang it on the wall.

Bump Feed

The bump feed works well on this but the line does get bound up in the spool a lot. Could just be user error. In any case, DeWalt has released a new quick-feed replacement spool head that is currently pictured on the 60 volt trimmer bare tool. So it looks like they are phasing this one out.


The DeWalt guard is much smaller than my Toro gas trimmer guard so it’s not much protection from plant splatter and rocks. Probably why DeWalt says not to use the trimmer for edging, which of course I do.

Cutting Swath

The guard is removable for those who want to increase their cutting swath. With the guard on the swath is 15 inches.

Bottom Line

The problem with the 60 volt line is DeWalt ‘s decision to keep their 40 volt landscaping line going. This means the 60 volt landscaping tools will suffer as far as new releases.

That said, I really like how DeWalt packs 54/60 volt power into a single small battery when compared to the other 36, 40 and 54 volt trimmers on the market. This trimmer is powerful and well-balanced with very little vibration.

See it live in action here:

Build Quality
Feature Set
Value relative to competition.
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