How to Install a Garbage Disposal and Drain


In this video we install a new garbage disposal on a newly remodeled kitchen. Here we’re installing a Moen but whatever brand once you’ve installed one you’ve pretty much installed them all.

If you’re connecting a dishwasher to the disposal you need to remove the stop plug from the disposal before connecting the dishwasher drain line to it. For this disposal it’s a blue pill tab. On other disposals it’s a black plug you poke into the disposal and then remove from the top.

Here the disposal is plugged into a switched wall outlet. If your outlet is not connected to a wall switch you can use a disposal switch such as this Danco Air Switch.

Oatey 1-1/2 in. White Plastic Slip-Joint Garbage Disposal Install Kit with 14 oz. Plumber’s Putty

Moen EX75C GX Series Garbage Disposal with Pre-installed Power Cord.


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