How to Get Rid Of Raccoons


Having trouble with raccoons, skunks, or opossums tearing up your lawn? I know how you feel. Check out this video to see what I’ve tried so far. Here I use Havahart Large Cage Traps from Home Depot.

The drama continues so stay tuned for updates.

Update #1

There seemed to be a never ending supply of raccoons so my wife Zhou (Jo) found these Orbit Yard Enforcer motion activated sprinklers and they’ve been working great. You can see the sprinkler in action toward the end of this part 2 video.

Hey, I'm Alex and I love tools. Having worked in carpentry and as a painting contractor I have a great appreciation for tool innovation. The freedom of cordless is amazing. These days, when not traveling with my wife Zhou, I remodel houses and write tool reviews. Enjoy the website. :)


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