How to Remove a Bathroom Vanity


Want to know how to remove a bathroom vanity without destroying it in the process. No problem. Follow these steps to success.

1 – Shut Off the Water

Turn off the water at the wall. Turning to the right is off. For pull-tab valves, just pull to shut off the water.

2 – Remove the P-Trap

Using a 2 1/4” pliers loosen the two nuts on the P-Trap and drop it into a bucket to catch any water in the trap.

3 – Disconnect Hot and Cold Lines

Disconnect the hot and cold lines from the shut-off valves or from the faucet.

4 – Remove Silicone

Cut away the caulking from the top and bottom of the counter top and from around drop-in sinks.

5 – Remove Sink and Counter Top

For drop-in sinks remove silicone seal and gently pry up. For under-mount sinks loosen any wing-nut clips.

6 – Remove Wood Screws

This cabinet had 3 wood screws holding it to the wall. If your water shut-off valves are preventing the cabinet from coming out you have two options: cut a hole in the back of the cabinet or remove the valves.

7- Remove Vanity

Congratulations, you’ve done it.

To see me remove mine, and learn how to replace the water shut off valves, check out this video:


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