How To Remove a Bathtub


Removing that old tub is easy. Follow these steps to success:

1 – Disconnect Plumbing

Remove the overflow valve.

Remove the drain flange.

2 – Cover Drain

Cover the drain with tape to prevent debris from falling into drain pipe.

3 – Expose Tub Flange

Remove the lower row of tile and drywall to expose the tub flange.

Remove any fasteners holding the flange to the wall studs.

4 – Remove Tub

You may have to remove additional tile/drywall to allow the tub corner to clear the stud bay.

If the tub cannot be lifted out it can be cut out. A metal or fiberglass tub can be cut out with a metal blade on a reciprocating saw. A cast iron tub can be broken into pieces with a sledge hammer.

A hand-truck makes easy work of hauling out the old tub.

5 – Plug Drain

Plug any openings in the drain pipe to prevent sewer gas from leaking into the house.

Congratulations, you did it. 🙂

See me remove mine here:


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